Hillsdale Township Tentative Meeting Agenda
April 10, 2018  6:30 pm
1469 North Lake Wilson Road

Call to Order 

 Pledge of Allegiance  

 Approve Regular Meeting Agenda  

 Comments from scheduled guests
1. Terry Vear - Senior Center
2. County Commissioner(s) 

 Public comments on agenda items (3 minutes each please)    


  Consent Agenda:
1.      Bills/financial transactions
2.      Minutes from the last Board Meeting
3.      Minutes from the last Planning Commission Meeting
4.      Fire Board Minutes/ Chief's Report 
5.      Minutes from ZBA/Headwaters if available
6.      Treasurer’s report 

  Old Business
Clean Up Day
   2.    May meeting date due to election (Thursday, May 10?)
   New Business:
Audit of Minimum Assessing Requirements
Resolutions to comply with AMAR
Status of Assessor
Status of Trustee

 Other Current Business:

  1.      Zoning officer’s report
  2.      Sexton’s report 
  3.      HTFD report  
  4.     Planning Commission: January meeting canceled

 Upcoming dates:  PC 4/16 6:30 pm, Fire Dep’t Awards Dinner 4/21, Fire Board 5/1 6 pm, Dump Day 5/5, Election 5/8; RENTALS: 4/14, 4/28

Public Comments